Presentations Delivered

Following is a partial list of talks that I had delivered or co-delivered at different venues:

Statistical Techniques in Technology workshop, Pragyan 2013 @ NIT Trichy:

Presentation on Parallel Computing using CUDA @ Great Indian Developer Summit 2012:,

An Overview of recent Operating Systems talk delivered @ The Oxford College of Engineering Bangalore: (Search for my name: Moinak).

Open-Source Tech event called Mukthi, at MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology:,

Presentation on BeleniX at an Open-Source Summit held at IIIT Hyderabad in 2008:,!msg/glug-ap/NhGlxkwlKgs/ksjqv29ZXjwJ

Presentation on LiveMedia Technologies @ OpenSolaris Developer Conference 2007 in Berlin:,

Presentation on Solaris/OpenSolaris at GNUnify 2007 at Pune:,

Open-Source presentations on Software Freedom Day 2006:


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