Pcompress 1.4 Released

A new release of Pcompress is now available from here: http://code.google.com/p/pcompress/downloads/list

I have added the following capabilities into this release:

  1. AES is better optimized using VPAES and AES-NI with CPU auto-detection. Since I had to support linking with older versions of OpenSSL I have copied the relevant implementation files into Pcompress repo.
  2. Added XSalsa20 from Dan Bernstein‘s NaCL library (SSE2 and reference code). It is extremely fast and has excellent security properties – as much as I could glean reading up on various articles and posts.
  3. Deduplication performance has been improved by 95% by optimizing the Rabin sliding window chunking algorithm and doubling the chunk hash-table size.
  4. From version 1.3 onwards Delta Compression now actually benefits overall compression ratio.
  5. All hashes have been parallelized better by using Merkle Tree style hashing. This happens only in solid mode when entire file is being compressed in a single chunk.
  6. Encryption key length is no longer a compile-time constant. It can be selected at runtime to be 128 or 256 bits.
  7. The Header HMAC now includes Nonce, Salt and Key length properties as well. This was an oversight in the earlier release.
  8. Better cleanup of temporary variables on the stack in various crypto functions.
  9. The Global Deduplication feature is still a work in progress. I have added some code that builds but is not functional as yet.




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