Daily Archives: February 23, 2013

The iDevice/Mobile craze

Conjured up a cartoon to depict this madness. iDevices are symbolic in that they represent the peak of this craze. Trying my hand at a cartoon after a long time so quality is not great, but nevertheless.


Here is a good comic strip from the phonearena website: http://www.phonearena.com/news/Are-smartphones-the-new-cigarettes-four-reasons-why_id26250

To be fair I am not above this craze myself, but I try my best to control it. I have a 2-yr old single-core HTC Incredible S that serves all my purposes and I’m resisting the urge to buy a new smartphone. Let see how long I can go on.




Speaking @ NIT Trichy

I will be making my second visit to NIT Trichy to conduct a hands-on

Math - KP

Math – KP

workshop on Statistical Techniques in Technology along with our Math whiz-kid Kapileshwar Singh(or KP for short). This is part of the Pragyan 2013 Tech Fest. I will be playing an assistant role, trolling on the usual random numbers and crypto stuff along with helping KP in demonstrating self-similarity or autocorrelation in network traffic, stochastic modeling concepts etc.

My past visit to NIT Trichy during Pragyan 2012 was to give a Tech Talk on Vector Computing, Supercomputers and GPGPUs. I had also delivered an expanded version of this talk at the Great Indian Developer Summit last year. NIT Trichy is one of the top tier engineering colleges and seems to be chock full of bright geeks. This year’s pragyan has some exciting stuff lined up.