snapshot1Long back GNOME used to suck. Then it got some polish and became nice. Now it once again has become absolutely horrible. After having suffered with GNOME on Fedora 16 on my laptop for a good 8 months I have finally cleaned things up and installed Linux Mint 14 with KDE 4.9. I have just one thing to say. It is beautiful and a downright pleasure to use and as side effect goodbye Fedora.

I can understand GNOME’s desire to be tablet friendly, but does it have to come at the cost of the desktop usability. It is not possible to detect the device and form-factor and adjust the UI accordingly. I had to jump through hoops to even get basic things like window maximize and minimize buttons. There is no background caching of fonts so one has to wait after clicking on the applications menu for the first time and so on. GNOME now sucks more than ever before in it’s history and I hope I never have to use to again! Virtually every other desktop interface in Linux including KDE, Xfce, LXDE and many more appear to be more desirable than GNOME in it’s present form.


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