The best advice I got for the new year

This is one of the best advice I got for the new year from the Harvard Business Review blog: The future of You. This is ever so relevant in the face of changing times and realities. This is one mantra that I will be chanting along with other dreams.

This is very meaningful to us techies who often tend to be poor at marketing themselves and their work. Being just a doer and never a talker does not go very far. This however does not mean that I will try to change myself to a great degree. It does not make sense. As an individual each and every person on this planet is unique and it is the unique qualities that give every person their skills and strengths. It is important to recognize that “self” and act accordingly. Trying to change too much to fit stereotypical expectations can be very disruptive and can destroy the qualities that a person harbors. It can even destroy the person itself – anyone remember Three Idiots?  I hate environments where such expectations are enforced in social, educational and work spheres.

Having said that it is still very meaningful to pick up new skills and adapt to change. The advice from HBR is just that – a set of suggestions and guidelines. Looking back I can see so many times I made mistakes in my career with respect to these aspects.

Anyway I do not have any resolutions for the new year but I have a bunch dreams to chase let’s see where they lead me to.


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