So long Doomsday and thanks for all the fun!

Friday the 21st Dec 2012 should have been Doomsday. Rather it turned out to be a rather mundane affair. No natural fireworks. Now the Sun has turned a full circle of the globe and the Mayan spirits must be laughing at our manic obsession with their calendar. For me it was a lot of fun following all the 2012 doomsday news for the best part of the year.

There will now be several excuses put forward like error in computation, interpretation, real date is now so and so, we did these rituals so doomsday was prevented etc. I have one theory. What if doomsday actually happened at the quantum scale and the Universe got branched into a child offshoot while the original one got destroyed. We are a seamless copy and our original versions in the parent copy experienced a massive destruction (much like a Unix fork() and daemon creation). We are all living now in a parallel universe, how thrilling!

Needless to say do not forget the Salt. My best wishes for Christmas and a happy and successful 2013 to all.

Dec 2012 061

Dec 2012 061 (Photo credit: iannorris)


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