Authenticated Encryption and Pcompress

I had got HMAC into pcompress but was not too happy with the way I was using it to verify the chunk headers and the regular digest. The operation was thus: HMAC(Digest(Plaintext), Header)||Encrypt(Compress(Plaintext)). However this approach looked suspect to me. Eventually after reading up more stuff it turns out that Message Authentication and Encryption can be combined to make Authenticated Encryption. This article provides an excellent background to the entire thing:

In addition to that Wei Dai’s Cryptopp wiki also has good concise info: Whoever thought that the ubiquitous SSH we take for granted is technically insecure! The most common recommended encryption mode for embedding message authentication with encryption is EAX mode. There is a more advanced and better performant OCB mode but it is patented. Now I had a choice of pulling out the EAX mode implementation from Cryptopp and using it with AES. However I also need to HMAC the headers without having to encrypt them and have an integrity checksum. Also importing and integrating the EAX code from Cryptopp is somewhat painstaking with lots of code changes. So I decided to follow IPSec.

IPSec encrypts and then computes a HMAC on the encrypted data. As We Dai points out in the wiki this approach is secure. I was already computing HMAC of the header so it was a simple matter to extend it to cover the entire encrypted data. In addition I had to avoid computing another digest of the plaintext as that is an unnecessary overhead. HMAC authenticates and also verifies data integrity.  So now the approach becomes: HMAC(Header, Encrypt(Compress(Plaintext))). The HMAC is then inserted into the Header. The HMAC portion of the header is zeroed when actually computing the HMAC. Since the HMAC is computed over the compressed data, it needs to process a smaller dataset and benefits performance.

This change is already in the Pcompress git repo and will make it to the 1.1 release.



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