Pcompress reaches 1.0 stable release

This is the first milestone for the Pcompress utility. After lots of development and testing I decided to push the first stable release. From a stand-alone data compression utility point of view it has reached a maturity and unique combination of powerful features that most other such utilities lack to the best of my knowledge. It does all this while retaining ease of use. Keep in mind that Pcompress is not a complete archiver. It compresses single files. So you will have to use tar for example, to create the archive which can then be compressed.

Here is the announcement that should appear shortly on Freecode.com:

“This is the first stable release of Pcompress. An extensive test suite was added and used to validate and fix bugs. The file format is versioned and backward compatiblity will be maintained. Deduplication parameters have been tweaked to get better distribution of content-aware blocks and improved dedupe ratio. Adaptive compression modes have been improved with more heuristics. This release also provides best in class SHA256 digest performance on x86 platforms. Pcompress today provides a combination of features and performance that makes it unique among data compression utilities.”


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