Fixed my PS3 Phat … Yay

My fidgety younger daughter (32 months old) screwed my PS3 Phat. She saw me inserting discs into the drive slot and wanted to insert stuff there. She ended up inserting a bunch of visiting cards, plastic toy spoons and eventually a credit card! She did this over a week when we were not looking. However my wife caught her inserting the credit card.

I looked, poked and managed to pull out most of the stuff but the Blu-Ray drive wont work and discs were not going in. Something was obviously stuck inside. So I had to either take the thing to the service center or try to open it myself. The service center is far off and those guys will obviously charge me for a new drive. The device is 2.5 yrs old and well over the warranty period. So I decided to open it today evening.

I started with this youtube video: However I had to go further than what that guy shows. I had to open the Blu-Ray drive. I figured out things as I went along and eventually got the offending piece out, assembled it back and got it working. There are lots of screws to twist and stuff has to be pulled in the right directions. Force is not required at any point except for a slight force when pulling up the Power Supply Unit from the plug on the base unit.

First thing is to take off the Warranty warning sticker, open a screw and slide off the top plate.

After following the youtube video reaching the point of removing the top cover was fairly straightforward.

This is after detaching the PSU(left) and the Blu-Ray drive(right). The red arrow shows the base unit plug. The PSU socket sits on this. The green arrow shows the Blu-Ray’s data cable that enters into a small slot and gets locked via a tiny plastic flap. Reaching this point was a little tricky.

I had to remove several tiny and very tight screws to take the cover off the Blu-Ray drive and finally I figured the culprit. It took some poking and probing to get the red rewards card out that I had got at some mall, whew!!

This is after inserting the Blu-Ray drive cable back and locking the plastic flap by pushing it down.

After screwing back the PSU and the drive their power connector plugs have to go back into the respective slots. It is fairly straightforward because the plugs will only get inserted in one direction.

Opening this screw (red arrow) is easy but putting it back is a little tricky. One needs a phillips head screwdriver which is magnetic or a tweezer.

An finally after putting everything in place I connected it back, powered on, quickly grabbed a Cinderella DVD which was lying around and it did not work. Cursing I fished out the pristine Green Lantern DVD inserted it and behold the lantern in all his glory …

After this as a relief and some pending entertainment I watched this awesome Detective Bengali Movie: Royal Bengal Rahasya, Wikipedia Link.


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