Iphone 5 on Rediff

What the HELL is this: http://shopping.rediff.com/product/apple-iphone-5-32gb-factory-unlocked/11428736?sc_cid=inhome|search_iphone%205 ?

Well there are quite a few nutcases around who’ll shell out Rs 89K the latest Fondle-Brick. Some people are in fact ready to sell one kidney for this, what fun. No tech gadget of whatever lineage is worth this kind of madness. Eventually a piece of technology however very well designed and well implemented is bound to get obsoleted as technology moves forward at a rapid pace. Also what value does a mobile computing gadget bring to one’s life that one has to be so mad about it. There are a lot better things to do with your money and time. For a start invest that money into a Mutual Fund SIP and postpone buying that gadget. Chances are that you will end up with more money and will be able to buy the better next generation of that gadget tomorrow from the profits.

No doubt the planet is full of nutcases so for example Apple and other gadget companies like Samsung can really laugh all the way to the bank.


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