Simon Phipps on the Nexus 7

Interesting writeup on Infoworld from Simon Phipps about the Nexus 7 tab:

Very interesting points from a long time Apple user. I had that unfortunate feeling when he gave a day 2 keynote talk at 2007 conference using his MAC laptop while the rest were using Linux and we SUN folks were using Linux and OpenSolaris. Somewhat fortunately his preso never came out of full-screen mode.

Anyway back to topic. I have the same crib about the the device as Simon. Where is the MicroSD slot ? I do not particularly care about built-in 3G/LTE support. I can easily plonk down a 3G pocket wifi router and connect multiple devices through it including my phone rather than paying for a 3G plan per device. However I do care about expand-ability options dropbox et al notwithstanding. However the price point and features are very lucrative and I am considering this.


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