Github repo for Pcompress

I have added a project on Github for pcompress here. This is the initial commit with the chunking, memory allocator, compression support for Zlib, Bzip2, LZMA and PPMD and CRC64 checksum verification. I am using quite a bit of code from the LZMA SDK and have made modifications/optimizations to it. I have recently updated my laptop to 8GB RAM in order to better work with memory intensive apps including this one, so I will be able to do better measurements now with larger chunk sizes and the full gamut of 4 threads that the laptop can support.


2 thoughts on “Github repo for Pcompress

  1. Metin

    Hi, I have been trying to use pcompress as pipe but haven’t been able to get it to work. I thought I had been following the syntax correctly but I must not be. Would you mind showing an example for both compression and decompression?



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