OGB Candidacy Details

On the lines of the excellent bio by Peter Tribble I am posting my own bio here as required by the OGB candidacy rules.


  1. I am Platforms Engineer cum OS and apps Developer presently employed with Goldman Sachs. Goldman uses SUN Solaris and Redhat Linux among other platforms in the firm. However my engagement with the OpenSolaris community is a hobby activity that I do outside of my work with my employer’s consent. As such all my views and actions are entirely my own done using personal resources and time and not related in any way to my employment.
  2. I have been a user and developer on Solaris and Linux platforms for the last 12 years (of a total industry exposure of 13.5 yrs) and have been participating in the OpenSolaris community from it’s early days. I have previously been employed by SUN in the Solaris Sustaining engineering group working on various aspects of the OS from userland to the kernel.
  3. I am also the creator of the BeleniX distribution of OpenSolaris: http://www.belenix.org/. It was the second distribution of OpenSolaris that came out after SchilliX borrowing some concepts from SchilliX. It was the first non-SUN OpenSolaris distro to bring a full-fledged GUI desktop based completely on the X.org OSS stack and eventually matured into a stand-alone desktop distro. It brought in several innovations to OpenSolaris and formed the foundation for the OpenSolaris distro from SUN.
  4. I am a core contributor in a few OpenSolaris communities like X-Windows, Distribution etc. I contribute to the Fully Open X project off and on and have recently started another project called libtaskq (http://sourceforge.net/projects/libtaskq/) based on the TaskQ kernel framework from OpenSolaris.
  5. I co-lead one of the oldest and very active OpenSolaris user groups, the Bangalore OpenSolaris User Group with another OpenSolaris community member Sriram Narayanan.

I live and work in Bangalore, India’s Silicon capital. However I was born in the eastern city of Calcutta which was once the capital of the British rule in India. I did my studies in Calcutta at Asutosh College under the auspices of the University of Calcutta. However I do not come from an Engineering background. My majors in Graduation were Geography, Geology and Economics while I studied Economics, Statistics and Maths in high school. I had a deep interest in Biology and Geomorphology till high-school and actually wanted to do Biotechnology as a career!

However I developed an interest in Computing as a hobby during the March of 1990 (thanks to my mom) and my first exposure was on the BBC Model B microcomputer which I hacked to death at my Mom’s office – Birla Industrial and Technological Museum. After that I completed all the typical topics of a Computer Enginering course as a hobby while studying Geography and moved from the BBC to a PC-AT and all the subsequent Intel processor models.

After hacking around with Borland Pascal, C/C++, Win32 etc. my first introduction to *nix was on Slackware Linux 0.1. By that time I have completed a PG diploma course on Software Engineering and my first job had me working first on FoxPro and then on Oracle on WinNT.

My second job provided me a big break when I joined HCL Technologies in the southern tropical city of Chennai where I started working at the dedicated Cisco offshore development center. That was the time when I came into touch with Solaris 2.5.1 logging onto large engineering servers via big-screen TektroniX X-Terminals. That experience at HCL – Cisco provided me with a wealth of resources and expertise. I later started having my first SPARC desktop and SUN Ultra 5. I worked across various Cisco groups including Test Automation group, Network simulators, Network Management group with my work touching a vast array of computing technologies starting from router chips and OS platforms and continuing till Java and webservices frameworks. I played with the guts of routers costing hundreds and thousands of dollars apart from a variety of SUN Servers.

After my 5.5 yr stint at HCL – Cisco I decided to accept an offer at SUN Microsystem’s Solaris Sustaining Engineering group and worked there for 4.5 yrs till the middle of 2008 when I jumped ship to Goldman Sachs in their Platforms Engineering group. In SUN I worked on various pieces including, commands, libraries, systems management and a few kernel components as part of my OpenSolaris dabblings.

I have been a voting member of the OpenSolaris community from some time.


2 thoughts on “OGB Candidacy Details

  1. h.godavari

    Hi Moinak:
    I was hoping to try Belenix live cd but ran into trouble.Right after the splash screen and asking to choose the OS to load(?), the next screen shows “sunOs release 5.11……ends up with a message “root password for system maintenance (control-d to bypass):” & hangs. No response to control-d or ENTER, nothing.

    The system is AMD 1300 on ECSmotherboard ,512mb RAM a 30GB western digital HD.

    Thanks for your help.

    I am a retired botanist just intersted in learning using non-MS products

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