The loyal Dog on my PS3

I had got a PS3 a few months back with a multitude of objectives. Blu-Ray player for my planned Home Theater setup, general media center, watching Youtube on the big screen, Gaming of course and to hack on the Cell. For the last one piece fortunately I have the 80GB Fat/Phat model.

I had been holding out on the actual Linux installation and hacking since we experience power cuts and a power loss during a system update or Linux installation can leave me with an expensive brick that my wife will probably be prone to break on my head!

So I had to invest on a UPS. I already had an APC Back-UPS RS 1000 with additional battery backup for my PC. I decided to get a beefier Smart-UPS 1000UX with 100AH external batteries for my PC and hook up the PS3 to the Back-UPS. However the LCD TV is on line power and when power goes it goes dark naturally and I can’t switch off the PS3 without having a working display. I can hook the TV to the UPS but I do not want the UPS to be always powering the TV. So I whacked together a double-pole 2-way switch. I put 2 modular single-pole 2-way switches side by side and stuck 2 pvc pieces with superglue on either end. The common lines from these switches go to the TV. One set of poles connect to UPS power and one set to mains. Ordinarily the switch connects to mains. When power goes while PS3 is in use I can flick it to put the TV on UPS battery power. Admirably the Back-UPS can take a sudden load surge while on battery without tripping. The UPS has already saved me once.

Then I went about the process of formatting the PS3 for Linux and installing the kboot loader. Initially I decided to go with Ubuntu. Version 9.04 did not work with the latest 80GB console models so I tried 9.10. The GUI came up with that and it hanged trying to sync with NTP servers. After googling I decided to pull out the Ethernet cable from the PS3 while installing (I have a concealed CAT-5 cable running from PS3 in living room to a switch in another room). The installer proceeded beyond NTP server sync and hanged again. I decided to give up on Ubuntu and go with Yellow Dog Linux 6.2. I had avoided YDL initially since it is a large 3.4GB download. The experience with YDL was extremely smooth. It installed flawlessly and works quite fast. I have a happy puppy yapping on:


5 thoughts on “The loyal Dog on my PS3

    1. moinakg Post author

      All PS3s use the Cell processor including the Slim model. PS3 80GB is still available in Bangalore consting Rs 19990.


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