Impressive Fedora

I use Linux as well apart from my obsession with OpenSolaris. I have used several distros in the past and came to like Mandriva for general use. I was also once the biggest critic of Fedora. Having had bad experiences with FC3 and FC4 I cursed it and simply ignored it till recently when I started stealing spec file recipes and patches from FC 11,12 CVS repo for building packages on BeleniX 😛

During the course of that usage I now stand to take back my earlier criticisms of Fedora. In fact I am thoroughly impressed with the quality of the work they are doing. The quality of the spec files and patches speak for themselves. Many of the conventions they follow align with how things are laid out on OpenSolaris as well. I am now going around and recommending Fedora 12 to anyone who is using Linux. The only issue that one will see is from a desktop use perspective. Out of the box Fedora has very few customizations and tweaks, so it takes a while of manual work to tune it to your liking.


One thought on “Impressive Fedora

  1. notKlaatu

    Yes, I agree! Fedora RPMs are the ones I always steal to use with slackware’s rpm2tgz converter, and of course I always have a computer running the latest fedora. F12 is definitely the best yet.


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