Ksysguard working on OpenSolaris

Ksysguard working on OpenSolaris

Ksysguard working on OpenSolaris

Anyone who might have tried the earlier KDE4.3 packages for BeleniX may have noticed that Ksysguard (CTRL+ESC or Kmenu -> Applications -> System -> System Monitor)  basically shows a blank slate. The process list is empty, CPU and Network stats are unavailable. The number of exposed sensors are too few.

I spent the last few days hacking on that component and got an initial working version that implements all the basic functionality for the OpenSolaris platform. There are still bugs to iron out and new sensors to add (using DTrace here can open up lots of possibilities). The current patch is here. The kdebase4-workspace package has been published into the BeleniX repository.


4 thoughts on “Ksysguard working on OpenSolaris

    1. moinakg Post author

      I have reworked the patch to fix bugs in reporting of Swap and CPU load. I will update the bug report.


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