Cute-E Four Point Five

Cute-E Four Point Five

Qt 4.5

Having reached a working KDE 4.2.4 desktop milestone, I have been racing to get to 4.3.1. 4.2.x has enough problems and 4.3.x has enough fixes and improvements to warrant a quick move. One of the requirements for 4.3.1 is Qt 4.5 and having already a build recipe for 4.4 I thought it won’t take much time apart from the compilation time itself. But Alas, badly mistaken was I!

It turned out to be a lot of “fun” for 5 days before I could get a working Qt 4.5 built. The first time I built 4.5 all text was appearing as square boxes. Suspecting some locale issues in my older build env I setup a fresh new one using the install_belenix script, but no joy. Cursing my bad luck I sat down for the ardous task of digging through the Qt text rendering and font handling code. To cut a long story short it eventually took me 5 evenings of a wild goose chase  through multiple functions in multiple libraries to identify an iconv issue. I am using GNU libiconv and the way Qt 4.5 caches the iconv handle seems to cause a problem and subsequent googling with more specific search terms turned up this link:

The FreeBSD developers had faced the exact same issue back in April. Eventually I patched the code just enough to avoid the caching and finally got text that a human could read (not a monkey BTW :-P). After this things have been pretty smooth and I have made good progress except for another sticky issue with building the Soprano bindings in KDEbindings. I have disabled the Soprano bindings for now.


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