Gnome 2.26 on BeleniX

Apart from KDE4, Gnome 2.26 will also be available in BeleniX 0.8. I pulled the Desktop Consolidation trunk (JDS) and built it with a bunch of changes. The packages are already available in the package repository trunk but not yet recommended to upgrade to trunk as it is seeing a lot of churn at present. One of the things pending is to replace the default OpenSolaris branding with BeleniX branding. Below is a screenshot showing Gnome 2.26 + Compiz + Avant + Google Gadgets + Webkit on my box. The Gnome developer help documentation browser is built with Webkit support.

Gnome 2.26


9 thoughts on “Gnome 2.26 on BeleniX

  1. moinakg Post author

    Hold on for a few days. There are still some things to iron out and there will be a big update to the packages in trunk. Followed by an announcement on the list.

  2. skohari

    hey Moinak,
    I am new to Opensolaris and have a few questions. Can i ask you over your blog? or email? have tried the forums to now resolution. If not, I apologise for spamming your comments section. Thanks.


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