KDE 4.2.4 – Getting there

I have been heads down busy getting KDE 4.2.4 to build on BeleniX with Gcc 4.4. I recently completed kdebindings and kdebase and had enough to get a KDE4 desktop started. Since I am doing chrooted builds in an alternate boot environment, all I had to do was to reboot into that BE and issue ‘xinit startkde’. Here is a hurried digicam picture after running my first KDE4 desktop (actual screenshots will come later):



8 thoughts on “KDE 4.2.4 – Getting there

  1. moinakg Post author

    Packages are being published into http://pkg.belenix.org as I get them done, however these still need more polishing.
    The KDE-Solaris team have been building KDE 4.1 for Solaris for quite some time now: http://solaris.kde.org/
    However their focus is on getting KDE4 built with SUN Studio on Solaris 10 whereas I focus solely on BeleniX based on OpenSolaris and use Gcc.

  2. moinakg Post author

    Well BeleniX is essentially a first class OpenSolaris operating environment with very little modifications to the base – just a few tweaks.
    It is also very stable and very compatible with SUN’s OpenSolaris having derived packages out of sources from JDS, SFW, FOX, G11N, Caiman and other repos plus it’s own repo. It is also a full-blown OpenSolaris development environment being completely self-hosting. Every package delivered for BeleniX is built on BeleniX including the base OS (ON).
    So it is contributing to woo users to the OpenSolaris platform.

  3. Sriram Narayanan

    @Yves: KDE has been available on Solaris for years. Belenix has been a KDE focussed distro since 2005, with the present Belenix 0.7.1 (ISO Download) and build 111 (online package upgrade) offering KDE 3.5.9 built with GCC.

    To add to what Moinak has said, the confusingly named OpenSolaris distro and Belenix share lots of common history as a distro, as well as are derived from the same code base from ON.

    Moinak has made use of many good patches by the KDE-Solaris team, as well as of some patches by the Fedora developers.

  4. Kaya

    This is gona be awsome when it comes online 🙂

    Will be nice to to turn off my Kubuntu 9.04 build for a while when this is packaged and out.

    I have full confidence that it will be amazing!!

    Great work guys….


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