Gcc 4.4.0 in BeleniX

Gcc 4.4.0 release is now available in BeleniX package repository trunk at pkg.belenix.org. It built without issues out of the box and as a test I was able to build BOOST 1.38.1 and a patched Qt4 (From the KDE Solaris project) without any trouble using this new compiler.
You can pull the latest SFEgcc package using spkg from BeleniX trunk.

Update: I forgot to mention that the updated Gcc spec file is here. The spec file is setup to build Gcc using SUN Studio 12. In generall the BeleniX spec files can be found here.

Update 2: I rebuilt Gcc 4.4 with the ClooG and Ppl dependencies so that the new Graphite framework is enabled. I played around with the various flags in trying to build Python 2.6 and got very good results vis-a-vis SUN Studio 12. I got comparable or better results using Pybench esp. in 64Bit mode with Gcc4 compiled Python 2.6. In adition I tried the new ‘profile-opt’ make target in Python 2.6 that does profile-driven optimization with Gcc. The 64Bit python binary built using Gcc4 + loop optimizations and Profile is 27% faster than the 64Bit SS12 built binary (without profile opt). The 32Bit binary is about 2% faster. Using loop parallelization via OpenMP might have helped further but 32Bit Python dumps core when built with -ftree-parallelize-loops=2 -march=pentium4.

If you are using another OpenSolaris distro and still want to try out this new Gcc 4.4 you can try running this little script to download and install SFEgcc and it’s dependency packages from the BeleniX repo. Be warned that I have not actually tested the script. All the spec files can be found in BeleniX sourceforge repo.


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