A Magnum Opus on OpenSolaris

OpenSolaris Bible

I recently received my complimentary copy of “OpenSolaris Bible” thanks to Wiley. I have been identified as one of the contributors as I helped review content for Chapter 2. There are good write-ups on the various OpenSolaris distributions and I am happy to note the nice stuff written about BeleniX.

This is one massive piece of work no doubt apparent from the bulk of the book itself. I have been leafing through the pages and found this to be an invaluable reference for my day to day work. The text is detailed and lucid with lots of good examples. I found the little “Cross-Ref” entries to be very helpful. These direct the reader to related content in other chapters – probably the closest that one can come to hyperlinks in printed content, but at the same time a fair bit more detailed than simple hyperlinks.
I’d recommend anyone using or working on OpenSolaris to grab a copy of this very definitive reference.


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