Indian Tricolour on the Moon

Here is something that all Indians everywhere on the planet is bound to be proud of. The Moon Impact Probe made a textbook landing on the Moon delivering the Indian flag onto the lunar dust of yore for the first time. I was elated seeing the picture of the jubiliant beaming scientists at ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) in today’s edition of The Hindu.

The Register has a story on this with usual bunch of clueless whiners dirtying the comments section! Space research and exploration has lots of spinoffs and benefits for the society at large.


3 thoughts on “Indian Tricolour on the Moon

  1. Dave Pickens

    This is totally amazing and wonderful!

    I’m sad to see the US fall behind in their lunar interest but glad to see someone else pick up the cause.

  2. Nigel Smith

    Congratulation to India on a great achievement. I hope it is the first
    of many. Here in the UK, the government does not offer much financial support to
    the space industry, but has better uses
    for our money…

    In my local town, the big industry is steel,
    and the local work’s is now owned by India’s Tata:

    Good also to see the interest in Formula-1
    racing in India.

  3. moinakg Post author

    Well AFAIK a lot of the funding needed has been from the revenues from the commercial arm of ISRO called Antrix Corporation. ISRO has done commercial satellite launches for other countries.


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