SNV101 and SNV101 + Crossbow – Followup

Soon after I published the last set of packages to the BeleniX repository a couple of problems creeped up. One being spkg insisting on upgrading to SNV101 standard build even if Crossbow tag was specified and the other being a panic when trying to boot the older boot environment after having booted into the new one.

The tag issue was tricky to resolve due to some conflicting logical requirements but done eventually. The panic issue was weird but ended up being BUG #6761478 that also inflicts OpenSolaris (the distro). The fix I used for this particular problem for spkg is to get the hostid (/usr/bin/hostid) from the current boot environment and shove it, after some translation, into /etc/hostid in the new boot enviornment.

So there is an updated SFEspkg package that you have to grab to get proper behavior. In addition I failed to mention in my earlier post that spkg uses the axel download accelerator (or wget as fallback) so you will need to grab axel to get faster downloads:

pkgadd -d


3 thoughts on “SNV101 and SNV101 + Crossbow – Followup

  1. Rob Jones

    I wonder if looking glass works on belenix? This to me is a very underestimated desktop interface.There was some talk that loooking glass would be available for Belenix or at least be placed in the package manager repository?

  2. Rob Jones

    I am having difficulties with this build with NVIDIA graphics chip 6100 giving an unstable graphics display and white screen.Will this be fixed soon?


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