BeleniX Repository updated to SNV101 and SNV101 + Crossbow

I have published SNV101 packages and a build of the recent Crossbow source drop synced to SNV101. The standard SNV101 packages go into the mainline trunk while the Crossbow bits go into a separate train that will be maintained till Crossbow is officially integrated into OpenSolaris.

The SNV101 push is tagged as belenix_0.7.1b and Crossbow bits are tagged as belenix_0.7.1b_crossbow. So the new build and yes Crossbow is just an ‘spkg upgrade’ away. One thing to note that spkg can do a base OS upgrade without having to upgrade every single package on your system. All the packages are squished using 7Zip, so it is about 500+MB of download.

So here is how you can get SVN101 or more interestingly Crossbow on your desktop. You of course need to have BeleniX 0.7.1 installed:

  1. Grab latest spkg as there have been changes:
  2. To upgrade base OS to Standard SNV101
    • spkg upgrade base belenix_0.7.1b
  3. To get Crossbow
    • spkg upgrade base belenix_0.7.1b_crossbow
  4. Enjoy playing with Crossbow!

One point to mention here is ‘spkg’ is actually the name of Slackware’s Package Manager, while the spkg in BeleniX is a new utility different from Slackware’s utility. So to avoid a clash and avoid genral confusion I am going to have to change the name.

If you have not yet taken note of the Crossbow Project, then I highly recommend you do so right away. It is the next-generation Network Virtualization and Resource control stuff that brings high-scalability virtualization and flow control to the OpenSolaris networking stack. It makes it practical to use OpenSolaris in network-centric devices like routers, load-balancers etc, and also to simulate complete and complex network topologies inside a single system without having to use custom network simulator software. With Crossbow in the BeleniX repository it is now easier than ever to try it out.


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