GCompris – A conflict of interest!

My 5+ yr old daughter recently got to know the excellent GCompris, an opensource educational software suite for kids and is completely hooked. This happened while we were vacationing at my birthplace Kolkata where she started tinkering with it on a Mandriva box at my in-laws place. Upon her return she forced me to build and install the GCompris suite on BeleniX. You will notice that it is among the recently added packages on http://pkg.belenix.org/.

Now I have a big problem on my hands. I have a single computer at my house and that is my primary workstation on which I spend most of my ‘free’ time working on BeleniX and other stuff. I do not have a laptop yet, planning to get one next year. So my daughter now drives me mad competing for access to the machine to spend time with her beloved GCompris! The first thing she does waking up in morning is go and sit in front of the comp looking expectantly at me. This has come to such a point that now I am seriously considering picking up another low-end box for her. However given the crazy economic situation we have become stingy on opening our purses so this has to wait a bit, ugh!

GCompris by the way, is a superb software suite and the playful exercises are just right for kids to pick up by themselves without requiring much guidance.


2 thoughts on “GCompris – A conflict of interest!

  1. anilg

    Hey Moinak.. take a look at craigslist and quikr.. there are old used P3s available for around 5000-6000 Rs. I bought one for my young cousins and installed a whole bunch of apps like gcompris, tuxpaint, old DOS games. Plus P3 comps can play games like Max Payne, NFS and other.

    LinuxMint too works well on it.. but they’re using good ol Win XP for now.


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