My workout proposal for FOSS.IN

My proposal for a Workout session (kind of hackathon) during this year’s FOSS.IN has been accepted on a preliminary basis. The shortlist of accepted talks, workout sessions is yet to come out. My proposal deals with creating a small utility for the Caiman Installer being used in BeleniX.

At present the installer can detect windows partitions and automatically create entries in Grub to allow easily booting Windows in the OpenSolaris + Windows dual boot scenario. However there are a few limitations with the existing piece. It can only scan primary partitions, it blindly creates boot entries for every windows partition and does not detect the C: drive, it does not detect other OS-es like Linux.

My proposal deals with scanning the entire partition table including logical drives and detecting both Windows and Linux instances. A framework for scanning the raw partition table is already present in the useful “prtpart” utility that I wrote sometime back and being bundled in BeleniX. In addition the intention is also to try and detect actually bootable ones, i.e. Windows C: drive and Linux root. This means that the utility needs to be able to interpret filesystems on the raw partitions. The idea is to leverage the basic filesystem reading code in Grub to analyse the partitions.

The advantage with this project in that it needs very little, if any, familiarity with OpenSolaris. Rather one should be familiar with Grub and Linux filesystems. So this is an easy way to get a hang of doing development on OpenSolaris.

Of course remember that this is a preliminary heads-up and the final list is yet to be out (so things can change).


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