RE: Blastwave Saga Continues

I read the latest update on Benr’s Blog and see the this saga of disagreement as something similar to the classical Generation Gap. Solaris 8 is indeed ancient and lacks many features that characterize developments at recent times. It simply no longer makes sense to build on Solaris 8 and run on Solaris 10 and much less OpenSolaris just because Solaris supports it.

New features and architectures in more recent platforms cannot be harnessed like for eg. HAL, File Event Mechanism for FAM, more updated Xorg and libraries, accelerated graphics, ZFS, SMF, newer SUN Studio compilers and so on. I had tried to use Blastwave KDE quite sometime back and gave up after a month because the non-antialised fonts were downright ugly. IMHO it simply does not make sense to keep breaking our collective heads on an 8 yr old platform when the rest of the world is thinking 8 yrs into the future!

However I do believe that it is much better to arrive at a compromise solution. For eg. one can have two deliveries one for Solaris 8 and 9 and one for Solaris 10 and OpenSolaris. The older platform will see a lesser amount of software naturally only having the most necessary stuff that those users need and the newer platforms characterized my more and newer stuff. In a way it is actually happening with the separated OpenCSW and Blastwave efforts, but it would have been much nicer had this separation not happend at all.

I personally (and a lot of people I know) live on OpenSolaris and do not even bother with Solaris 10, but that’s a different story.


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