Perspectives: Firefox3 Extension for OpenSolaris

Just a while back I idly visited and read about the Perspectives plugin for Firefox on Simon Phipps’s blog entry. The information at their website captured my interest and I promptly clicked on the link to install the extension.

Unfortunately I got greeted with an unsupported platform dialog box. I downloaded the xpi file and unzipped it only to find that they support Windows, Linux and OSX only. Fortunately however the website also provides a source tarball for download. I spent the last 1.5 hours patching and building the source for OpenSolaris + Firefox 3.0.1 + SUN Studio 12 on BeleniX 0.7.1. It installed fine on my FF3.0.1 and I am able to configure it and see the results.

You can install Perspectives on OpenSolaris by pointing your FF3.0.1 to

You can grab my modified source tarball from here: The modified files have a “*.orig” counterpart containing the original source.


A comment from the Perspectives project lead mentioned that my modified extension should not include the update URL otherwise Perspectives auto-update from the actual project site will break it on OpenSolaris. So I put up an updated file yesterday omitting the URL. Folks who have already installed it should re-install.


9 thoughts on “Perspectives: Firefox3 Extension for OpenSolaris

  1. Hervé Riboulot

    Thank you!

    I’ve successfully installed the extension. I really must praise your reactivity along with the quality of your work!

    Best regards,


  2. dan wendlandt

    Hi moinakg,

    I’m the lead developer for the Perspectives project. Thanks for putting the time in for the open solaris port. I haven’t had a chance to look at your diff, but I suspect it should be pretty easy to integrate into our codebase. It would be nice to do soon, as unless you changed the install.rdf to remove the the updateURL link, Firefox’s auto-update for Perspectives may break things for people using your XPI. thanks again for your help!

  3. moinakg Post author

    Hi Dan,

    Thanks for pointing out the install.rdf issue. I will change it soon before it creates problems for more people.

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  5. dan wendlandt

    Hi moinakg,

    Can you send me an email with regard to integrating the code into the main Perspectives codebase? You mention some additional changes would would like to make in a post above. It would be nice if I could integrate them over the weekend, as we’re about to begin publicizing the extension more widely. thanks!


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