Eating our own Dogfood

Keeping with the usual tradition in Computing of binge-ing on the Dogfood which is a result of one’s own creation, I installed BeleniX 0.7.1 on my primary workstation at home a couple of days back.

Having purchased a 500GB Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 recently I was able to take a complete backup of my existing 250GB Western Digital boot disk. The install went smoothly and did not mess the partition table. Till now I am happily and proudly able to be productive in the new environment. I had a minor issue with the Java Plugin and OpenMotif. I have checked in a patch to OpenMotif that fixes the compatibility issue. The fix will appear in BeleniX 0.7.2.

Running BeleniX as my primary desktop OS will help in smoothing out these numerous issues and make it more useful for others.

As a side note the Seagate Barracuda is a faster disk compared to the Western Digital. I get 70MB/s sustained throughput on the Seagate compared to 50MB/s on the Western Digital as measured via a dd from the raw device. The Barracuda has a higher rated bandwidth than 70 MB/s. I have not yet investigated but the bottleneck can be PATA mode since I had an irritating problem with the Barracuda spinning down very fast. I got around that by adding “standby=0” to /kernel/drv/ata.conf.


One thought on “Eating our own Dogfood

  1. Sriram Narayanan

    I’m eagerly awaiting reports on your experiences with SS12 and locale issues on 0.7.1

    Also, did you need to do anything special for aclocal ? One hits this issue only when one starts to build wine on Belenix.


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