New BeleniX Website

Thanks to the fantastic work on Angad Singh a completely revamped BeleniX website is now online. It is hosted on a new server with faster disks thanks to the support from the Genunix folks. Genunix is essentially an OpenSolaris community website and has for long been the mainstay hosting site of BeleniX both for website and download traffic.

Angad implemented some cool ideas on the website including a ScoopZone which is something similar to Slashdot and a BeleniX map where users can mark their locations. for the first time the website has been thrown open to user registration. Users can get a login post scoops, and post on the forums and mark their location on the map. The ScoopZone is useful for the general OpenSolaris community for posting news, tips/tech tips and other tidbits of interest. So go ahead and register.

We also upgraded to Drupal 5.7. The upgrade was not without it’s problems and required quite a bit of work including Angad having to submit bugs at the Drupal site. Another problem we faced was the lack of IMAP support in the PHP5 that comes bundled with Solaris Express the OpenSolaris distro installed on the server. So I had to rebuild PHP5 after tweaking the Makefile in the SFW consolidation. I linked PHP5 with UW-IMAP. This allows the forum to belenix-discuss mailing list bridge to work.

Lastly the next maintenance release 0.7.1 is coming soon. In spite of being a dot release, it will have a whole bunch of changes.


One thought on “New BeleniX Website

  1. Sriram Natarajan

    You guys do an amazing job. Keep up the good work. Very much love the new ‘.’ release.
    I work on PHP within OpenSolaris and IMAP support will be delivered with build 100 – along with php 5.2.6(hopefully) .
    We could not get it done till todate because of lack of legal clearance .


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