I am the same guy who used to blog at http://blogs.sun.com/moinakg/. I will be continuing putting my thoughts here now that I have left SUN. It was a very difficult decision that I had to take. I will of course be as much of an OpenSolaris and BeleniX freak as I always was. BeleniX 0.7 was released recently and the story of getting that release into shape is essentially unix from scratch. I will be posting about the details shortly. In the meanwhile Shiv another BeleniX leader will be preparing an interesting document on building an OpenSolaris distro from source based on the 0.7 experience.


3 thoughts on “!Boot

  1. Sriram Narayanan

    Let the first comment be that of good news !

    I’ve cast aside my time management problems and have Belenix 0.7 with Ethernet working on my Mac Book Pro ! SS 11 installation is in progress and JDS CBE will be in place next.

    Once I have Wine, Notes, VirtualBox, and vpnc in place, Belenix will be my regular operating system of choice ! 🙂

    May the force be with us all ! 🙂


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